Change your life with Kiana

Mistress Kiana requires serious slaves for online training in 2022. An upfront deposit will be required, and then a monthly tribute paid on the 1st of each month, starting 1st February. I will bring excitement, kink and control to your life. I am a demanding mistress and will require improvements in your fitness, diet, dress sense and most of all, obedience. Fall under my rule, at the same time as I inspire, scare and control you into shaping up in all aspects of your life. I will provide the willpower and direction that you slaves lack to achieve your life goals.

Contact will be regular, and plentiful, but always at times of my choosing. Mainly it will be by call/videocall so that you can feel my presence, but written instructions will be possible for those slaves who require discretion.

Ideal applicants will be respectful, solvent, mannered, able to follow rules and not unduly needy. Poorly behaved slaves will be thrown out of the program, with no refund of their monthly payment. My way or the highway.

Slaves who wish to end their training will be allowed to leave the program at the end of the month in question.

Those of you who’ve followed me from afar know that I’m entirely genuine, strict and demanding, but with a sense of fun. Those who’ve been privileged to serve me know that I can break you down with my whip, the back of my hand, or a humiliating tongue-lashing – but that every slave who serves me has a life-affirming, positive experience. Come and be forged anew in the fire!