Enter the Tunnel – part one – January 2020

My name is Tunnel and I am not ashamed to admit that I am an anal slut for the sole use by Mistress Kiana and whoever else She deems fit – She has made me this way!

I crave for the moment when I am summoned – I will be required for 6 hours of use and abuse – I have no say in what happens during my time in the presence of Mistress Kiana. All I know is that I must submit to Her instructions and be prepared for my mind and body to be completely fucked!

This was certainly the case on the last occasion! As always, I was required to arrive on time – Mistress Kiana does not tolerate lateness as I once discovered, much to my discomfort. I was instructed to prepare the various toys and other instruments that Mistress Kiana has instructed me to obtain over the years that I have been under Her tuition – once this was done it was into the bathroom to prepare myself.

I returned to the main room to be greeted by the stunning Mistress Ika! I was ordered into the cage. Down on all fours – ass in the air – available for abuse. I remained in that position for what seemed an eternity, the only sounds were those the Mistresses boots made as they stepped across the room, and the slap as latex gloves!

I was ordered to take my “medicine” and just as it kicked in I felt fingers start to explore me – only two at this stage – teasing me. I begged for more but my pleas were ignored – then a third finger – still teasing but stretching me a little more. A fourth finger to be quickly followed by an entire fist – slowly inserted – deep and then deeper still. Gently to start with then the intensity increased until I could feel myself cumming! I explode, my seed spilling forth much to the delight and amusement of Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika.

However there is no respite – it is up onto the bench – on my back – my legs apart. Mistress Kiana begins – slowly but firmly entering me – then bunches Her fingers into a fist and starts to abuse my hole – pulling Her fist out to stretch me open and then back in over and over again – Mistress Ika in the meantime administers the clamps to my now erect nipples – the Japanese Cloverleaf – She pulls harder on the clamps so they grip me tighter. The pain of nipple torture and the pleasure of being fisted, mingling together, resulting in another orgasm! You would think that I would be allowed to recover – but no – it is Mistress Ika’s turn.

As She prepares herself Mistress Kiana takes Her pleasure in removing the clamps and tightly grips my nipples in Her fingers – pinching them hard and harder still, then releasing …

“Now Tunnel! Prepare to be fucked ….” Mistress Ika rubs the tip of my large red strap-on cock against my hole – then slowly and firmly slides it in – in and out. Mistress Kiana encouraging her to fuck me harder and deeper. Both Mistresses delight in the fact that I take the entire length of the cock until its balls reach my hole – as I am being fucked Mistress Kiana whispers in my ear “You are going to take a real cock today for me…” This was not a request but an order.

Mistress Ika continues to fuck my hole hard – I feel the balls of the strap-on against me – it is not too long before I cum again – my cum spilling everywhere.

I am ordered to my feet and into the bathroom with instructions to clean myself up – on my return I notice the bench has been positioned differently – the head rest removed. “Bend over the bench” – I oblige – a blind fold is applied. “Get in here!” orders Mistress Kiana and I hear the soft patter of feet. “Tunnel – take your medicine and open your mouth”!

I do as instructed – suddenly a warm object, a cock, a real cock is placed in my mouth “Suck it – make it hard” – I take the cock deep into my mouth using my tongue to excite it – I feel it grow – I am excited about what may be next. Clearly Mistress Ika was not impressed with my work – I am spanked and paddled until She is satisfied I am sucking cock correctly.

“You are going to be fucked now…”, again not a request but an instruction. I feel the owner of the cock step back and his now erect member slip out of my wet mouth. There is pause – I can sense movement – I feel hands clasp my asscheeks and pull me open. “Fuck my Tunnel” orders Mistress Kiana.

I take more medicine to ensure I am nice and relaxed, open and receptive. “Fuck me please” I beg… I feel a cock nudge up against my hole and then ecstasy as I feel it slide into me – deep into me. I am fucked slowly to start with – all the time the Mistresses urging the owner of the cock to fuck me- telling me to take deep. I feel warm balls bouncing against me. The fucking becomes more intense – Mistress Ika and Kiana take it in turns to punish my nipples.

My ass is slapped by the person fucking me – I can feel his hot breath on me – I feel is cock enlarge inside of me and the thrusts become harder and deeper – I feel an explosion inside my ass – something I have never felt before. I had a real cum in my ass – albeit in a condom. “Thank you Mistresses” I gasp.

“Take a shower…. You know we are not finished with you yet – We will call when you when we are ready”

I go into the bathroom – refresh myself with a quick shower – sit on the edge of the bath and await my next instruction with eagerness……