Enter the Tunnel – part three

Enter the Tunnel – part three

I take my drink – I sit and relax – still eager to please and still eager for my tunnel to be opened and used – but only if Mistress Kiana wishes it so.

I hear Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika walk down the corridor – I stand with my head bowed. “Hold out your arms” and as I do leather cuffs are secured around my wrists.

The winch is lowered, and my wrists are attached to a bar – the winch is raised until my arms are outstretched.

“You are going to be punished for being a slut” – as I feel the first stroke of the whip across my back. Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika take it turns to whip my back and buttocks – I am not a pain slut but my limits were tested – after what seem for ever I am offered medicine and as it takes effect I feel a gloved hand start to open my tunnel – at the same time my nipples are pinched hard – I almost cum. I contort myself – opening my legs and bending forward as much as I can to encourage Mistress Kiana to go deep – however Mistress Kiana chooses to ball her hand into a fist and hold my tunnel open – teasing me.

Mistress Ika looks into my eyes – “Let me open and stretch the tunnel!”.

“Not yet…” as Mistress Kiana starts to pump her fist deep into me “I want to the slut to cum!” Mistress Ika applies nipple clamps and tugs on them mercilessly – I cannot help myself and hot spunk erupts from my cock, much to the delight of both Mistresses.

“My turn!” giggles Mistress Ika – I prepare myself for her fist but She has other ideas – I feel the small tip of the XXL Seahorse tease my opening, my tunnel opening for Mistress Ika – then the Seahorse is guided into me – I feel its ribs as it goes deep into me. I position myself as best I can to allow Mistress to go deeper – my ambition to go right to the hilt – but not today. I am fucked until I provide another tribute for my Mistresses.

“We are not finished…….” Says Mistress Kiana as I am released from my shackles.