Enter the Tunnel – part two

I hear muffled laughter coming from the place space – I hear furniture being rearranged – I am nervous but excited by the thought of what awaits.

“Tunnel – we are ready for you, get in here now!” I open the bathroom door, turn the light off and make my way into the play space. The Fucking Bench had been moved aside – the sling had been attached to the winch, but what really caught my attention is the glorious sight of Mistress Kiana adjusting Her harness which is supporting a large red cock – it is massive in both length and girth!

Mistress Ika holds the sling as I lie back – my ankles are secured and my legs opened. The sling is lifted into position. I take more medicine just as I feel nails pinching my nipples hard, to be replaced with clover-leaf clamps expertly applied. I am instructed by Mistress Ika – “You are going to suffer- your hole is going to be used. Take more medicine – prepare yourself”.

I do as I am told – I feel relaxed and excited. I am expecting to feel the head of the big red cock nudge up against me, but no, instead I feel Mistress Kiana start to tease my hole with her fingers and then without warning She enters me – Her hand curling to make a fist – slowly at first Mistress Kiana stretches me open and then plunges deep into me – over and over again – all the time Mistress Kiana whispers “Deeper, Deeper” – I am on the edge. I feel Mistress Kiana’s fist uncurl inside me “Let’s see how deep you can really take it” – an indescribable feeling of pure pleasure as I feel Her fingers probe further into the tunnel – “Wow! You are taking it deep – take more medicine!” Once administered I relax some more allowing Mistress Kiana to go even deeper – as this is happening Mistress Ika places the Milking Machine over my cock and switches on – my cock is wanked hard – my hole expertly used. I erupt but this does not stop either Mistress. Mistress Kiana continues to push deeper into me – I cum again. I beg to stop but the exquisite pleasure continues unabated despite my cries of ecstasy.

After what seemed like an eternity Mistress Kiana carefully removes her fist from my now gaping hole. The Milking Machine is switched off and the gland lifted off – my cum spilling over my cock. I am so wrong if I thought I was getting rest.

The sling is spun round and I can see hooded figure in the stand-up cage – I was being used in front of another – his cock was erect!

“Now watch as I fuck Tunnel” says Mistress Kiana.

The electric winch grinds and the sling positioned correctly for Mistress Kiana – I feel the bugling head of the large red cock strap-on at my entrance and then slowly Mistress Kiana nudges the cock into me – but just a little – my hole widens to welcome the cock – it is held there – without warning Mistress Kiana thrusts the cock deep into my hole – I feel the fake balls against me – I want to come and try and push the cock out but Mistress Kiana holds it in. Mistress Kiana starts to thrust in and out – gently at first then the tempo picks up. I am in heaven – my hole is being used, my nipples are being tortured by Mistress Ika. I cum copiously, my seed spilling out everywhere much to the pleasure of Mistress Kiana & Mistress Ika.

It does not stop there – Mistress Kiana continues to fuck me hard – the full 16” of cock deep in me. In and out, in and out – thrusting deep into me. It is not long before I cum again. “One more” demands Mistress Kiana and the cycle of fucking continues until I cum. I believed the instruction to be the opportunity for a rest, but no – “I want to fuck Tunnel now!” demands Mistress Ika – in her hand is the biggest of the three red cocks – “Take your medicine – you slut. Prepare for your tunnel to be used by Me!”

The sling is repositioned again – I take my medicine and relax. Again, I feel the head of the cock nudge into me – this one is much bigger. My hole opens in readiness – I am being stretched wide and wider. I feel as though I am going to be split in half and then suddenly I welcome the cock into me and Mistress Ika starts to use my hole.

This cock is the same length as the one that Mistress Kiana used on me but it is much larger in girth “Take it!” orders Mistress Ika as the cock is pushed deeper into me – at the same time Mistress Kiana starts to torture my nipples – first with her teeth and then with her fingers and nails. It is pain and pleasure, yin and yang. The cock is deep and suddenly I can’t take it any longer and push it out – without a pause Mistress Ika inserts it again and continues to see how deep She can fuck me. I am taken to the edge time and time again until I am finally allowed to cum; as I cum Mistress Ika pulls out the cock, to be replaced by Mistress Kiana’s balled hand, and I am fisted until my cock runs dry. I lay back – sated. “Am I good enough for you Mistresses” – they both laugh at me – “We are enjoying ourselves slut – but you know We haven’t finished with you yet”

I am unshackled from the sling and allowed to get down – my cock dripping with cum, my tunnel relaxed and open.

“Get on your back – slut” – I do as ordered. Mistress Ika squats over me and her sweet nectar covers my face and body. As soon as She is finished Mistress Kiana does the same – I have been christened!

“Go clean yourself slut – you may rest for short while”. I shower and return to the play space – the cage is empty and the sling removed – there is a refreshing drink waiting for me. I sit and ponder what else I may be privileged to experience at the hands of Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika?