review by Blue

3 nights ago I served Mistress Kiana in her dungeon. Its not the first time I’ve sessioned with Kiana, but this time I had to write about it. I’d said she could use me however amused her. When I arrived she had me strip,then locked me into the standing cage in the dungeon. Kiana cuffed my wrists to the roof of the cage above my head, then stood before the cage twisting my nipples viciously through the bars. My cock was rising to attention, gazing hopelessly at Kiana in her high-heeled boots, leather hotpants and bare breasts, and my mind was starting to run wild – then she was gone! With a laugh she strode out of the dungeon. No! I love being left in extended bondage – but I’d missed Kiana so much – how could she leave me alone after just 2 minutes in her presence?!

I must have been alone with my thoughts 5 minutes, and then Kiana was back, but not just Kiana. 2 men followed her – a naked older guy, and a really powerfully built young guy just in jeans – man was he muscled. All was soon clear – Kiana and the hunk fastened the older guy, the slave, to the cross on the wall opposite me, then the hunk went and sat on a bench. Next Kiana fastened a rope around the slave’s balls, then hooked it up to the wall winch just beside the cross. She started to crank the winch handle, and the slave’s cock and balls got dragged up and to the side. Just a bit, then fully stretched, then more. Oh my god! The hunk was laughing his head off. The slave was in agony, but still staring adoringly at Kiana. Oh my god – I’m a sub, through and through, but i fucking loved seeing it – I thought the other slave’s bits were going to be wripped off any second and Kiana was still cranking the winch handle,tearing the cock and balls higher and higher! I was rock hard watching – somewhere it found my sadistic streak – the guy’s balls were stretched insanely high and wide.

Finally Kiana stopped cranking, and turned to the hunk as he came to meet her in the middle of the dungeon, between me and the slave on the cross. The hunk was naked now, and they were straight at it, deepkissing, and pulling Kiana’s hotpants down. The other slave and I might as well have been on another planet for the attention Kiana and her man paid to us now, as he lifted Kiana up, she wrapped her thigh boots around his waist, and she started to bounce up and down on his thick cock, with him still standing there in the middle of room unsupported. Man he was strong, and it was fucking hot. For a second I caught the other slave’s eye across the room behind Kiana and her man, but we didnt care about each other, we just wanted to feast our eyes on these 2 magnificent dominant creatures fucking in front of us.

Kiana and her stud moved to the leathersheeted bed at the end of the dungeon. I’ve never been on it, and I know I never will – this was the night I learnt who the 1 man was who got to share that bed with Kiana. Watching them fuck was hot, it was majestic seeing 2 great bodies like that so in tune with each other, and it taught me my place. No way could I ever be Kiana’s man – she would burn meout, chew me up and spit me out in a second. The 2 of them were like great beasts together, first one dominant then the other. Him all macho power. And Kiana one minute super sexy woman being overpowered by this dominant macho male, and the next moment asserting her power, her strength, hand in his face pushing his head down into the bed as she rode him.

And then it was over. Kiana was standing naked in front of me, opening the cage and releasing my wrists. A kiss on my cheek, then an earringing slap – “get your shit and get out”, and a moment later I found myself outside the dungeon.

On the way home Kiana txted me “You’ve been a good slave and I wanted to show you a bit more about your mistress, and about yourself. You’re mine for keeps.”

Kiana taught me so much about myself that night. That sadistic streak seeing the other slave’s balls damn near wripped off – I never knew it was there but Kiana showed it to me. That I’m a voyeur – christ I was turned on seeing Kiana and her man going at it. And that my place is serving Kiana, for keeps, for real, and however she chooses. I always said that before but I don’t know if it was real – now I know.