review by Slave Martin (greedy, blue eyes)

My first visit to Mistress Kiana was really brilliant. If you think the Mistress looks good on the Web site then in real life she looks even better. Mistress Kiana is pretty, has a body to endure anything for and knows how to use it.
The chambers are great, it is a short walk from the tube and everything feels safe and warm.

Mistress Kiana is kind, very considerate, and really, really good at what she does. Kiana is sexy. warm, hard, evil, nasty and wonderful all rolled into one. I have never been with a sexier Mistress and I have seen a few I can tell you. After an initial bout of nerves I was totally glad to be in front of this absolute beauty of a Mistress.

Her use of the paddles and cane was great, I had a fabulous warm glow all over me when she laid into my arse. I would have endured anything she wanted if I thought it would please her. To be bound and gagged and watch Mistress Kiana’s beautiful body in the mirror as she caned my arse was like heaven on earth. I got a brilliant fucking with the strap-on and the pain Mistress inflicted on my nipples at the end was stunning.

It was a really great session, Mistress Kiana is the only Mistress I will visit in future, I want to learn how to grow as her slut and learn to take whatever she wants me to. I am looking forward to meeting Mistress Kiana at Club Black Whip, I am hoping to be beaten and fucked in public by this wonderful Mistress and any of the other Mistresses at the club who Mistress wants to join in. I think Mistress already knows that she has recruited another admiring slut and I look forward to many more sessions with her. I would take an awful lot of pain to please her.

Take my advice, whether you are an experienced Slave looking for a change, or a novice wondering what to do, please visit Mistress Kiana.

I really can’t put into words how one session has made me feel about her. I wish I was kneeling in front of her again now and I only left her a couple of hours ago.

Slave Martin (greedy, blue eyes)