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Entering her spotless apartment, any worries I may have had that the mistress might not have lived up to her photos were instantly dispelled. Beautifully toned and athletic, tastefully pierced and tattooed, she was simply one of the most perfect women I’ve ever seen – the air of authority she exuded with every word both thrilling and terrifying (this isn’t someone just going through the motions but a genuine dominatrix who clearly wasn’t going to tolerate any fools)

Ordering me to strip, I was then chained to her cross – instantly a helpless slave. Erect from the moment I first saw her, semen was now dripping from my hard cock – the mistress, making no attempt to hide her contempt, catching it on her fingertip, bringing it to my mouth and demanding I lick it clean.

My fear at what was to come only increased as I was blindfolded and the hum of electricity could be heard. Wires were weaved across my penis and waves of pleasure and pain ran crashed against my body as she caressed me with electrical shocks – but if this was just a starter, it was soon time for the main course and I was released from my chains and blindfold only to be strapped into her cradle – my naked body dangling helplessly in front of her.

With me firmly secured, the mistress donned a huge strap-on and repeatedly thrust herself into me – and I was left literally breathless as this beautiful black woman totally dominated me, her power almost overwhelming. By the time I was released and the dildo slid out of me for the final time, I’d never felt more like a pathetic slave – utterly helpless and totally devoted to this ebony goddess.

But still she wasn’t finished…

Though respectful of personal boundaries, she clearly enjoys tempting her slaves to go further than they may have planned, and while I’d declined any serious C.P., her offer to reveal more of her exquisite body in return for me enduring 20 lashes with the cane soon had me bent double over her whipping table, screaming with pain and begging for mercy.

Totally broken and humiliated, I was lead back to the cradle and, tiring of my attempts to compliment her, she taped my mouth shut and again blindfolded me. Unable to see what she had planned for me – and incapable of asking her to stop – I was left to the mercy of my imagination and I don’t think I’ve ever been more frightened as the buzzing of electrical equipment again filled the air – the eventual assault on my helpless body coming almost as a relief.

With the session drawing to a close, the mistress demanded I make myself come in front of her – something I was only too happy to do. As if to show how irrelevant I was to her, she then took one of her own toys and began to masturbate – all I could do was watch as the juices dripped from her pierced pussy, and seeing something so beautiful yet so out of reach was probably the most painful moment of all.

An amazing experience with an incredible woman. And one I hope to repeat as soon as possible.