Review of my session 19/10/16 and Thursday 20/10/16

Review of my session with Mistress Kiana on Wednesday 19/10/16 and Thursday 20/10/16 :

“Being in London last week for few days, I had the huge privilege of meeting Mistress Kiana twice and the memories of our meeting are so exciting that I feel important to share the amazing experience I lived during few hours with her.

First of all, let me introduce myself, even if I am not the hero of this story. I am a French man, I use to describe myself as easy to live with, but naturally and extremely submissive to women, especially to beautiful black women. I am kind of a geek too, despite my age at almost 40, which, I must say, made Mistress Kiana laughed a lot. I am the cerebral type which means that I use to dream a lot about BDSM and fetishism, I watch a lot of movies and pictures on the internet BUT fail to live my dreams in real time. In few words, I have a lot of fetishisms and fantasies but almost never lived any of them. While anticipating my leisure trip to London, I decided that I should experience some of my dreams and decided to contact one the most beautiful ebony Mistresses I know from the internet to see if we could organize a meeting. Her name is Mistress Kiana. I was shaking when I received her first reply as I was afraid to receive a NO for reply but was so surprised to receive a gentle reply, opened to discussion. After some nice exchange of emails where I was describing my dreams and my fantasies and she told me about what she likes to do, I already felt the mental power that she took over me and I started to be addicted to receiving her emails. Long story short, we decided we would meet and we discussed about the arrangement and the organization and booked the sessions.

After arriving in London, I was so excited about meeting her and wanted her to enjoy our meeting, I was acting as if it was a date. I went to a shopping place in London and bought her a box of chocolates, a pair of boots and a perfume, although she never asked for all these gifts. I then took a cab and checked in in my hotel room, where I had a small nap (difficult to sleep when you are excited as I was), then started to prepare myself for the date, sorry, I mean for the meeting.

Please allow me to describe how the first session occurred. Please note that everything which happened after was the perfect transcription of my fantasy, painted by Mistress Kiana. She arrived right on time and knocked at the door, I was shaking as thousands of ideas crossed my little brain at that moment. What the hell am I doing here ? What if she is not the real Mistress Kiana from the internet ? What if she is ugly (I am so sorry I could even have this thought now that I know her) ? Anyway, I had to open the door as she was already there, outside my room so I did. Now, a vision of pure heaven appeared in front of me. She was the one, almost as tall as me in her high heeled boots, looking straight in my eyes, self-confident, knowing that she may be one of the most beautiful woman on Earth, she wore the exact clothes and accessories I was dreaming about in my fantasies.

She crosspassed me to enter the room and started immediately the scenario while we never met before.

“Well well well, as if I could even imagine that while visiting a pathetic slave for the first time, I would find out that my boss would be my client ! That is so funny and I will have a lot of fun with you, white trash, I never liked you in the office but as from today I will like having you at my beck and call, especially as I am sure you do not want anybody in the office to know who you really are behind closed doors, right ?”

My brain needed few seconds to understand that the scenario already started and I forgot during the first minutes that I actually asked her to act as if she was my secretary at the office but being a  professionnal dominatrix after office hours, that I would be her boss calling for a session but not knowing that my secretary would show up. After I remembered about all the arrangement and that I understood she already started, I played my role, trying to be the hypocrite man saying “I am sorry, there must be an error, I never called for your services, you should leave now.” Thereafter, Mistress Kiana took the lead for the next hours using her amazing acting skills with her professionalism and she really became the dominant secretary knowing that she had now an advantage on her boss to reduce him to whatever she wanted and able to relieve all her frustration on him. She owned the room and whatever was inside, playing with me, with my feelings, she was a Queen, there is no better word to describe what I was thinking of her at this exact moment. I was fascinated by the way she moved, she walked moving her hips, walking in her heels, sitting royally on the armchair, looking into my wallet and taking her cash then throwing my wallet to my face (all was agreed before) while dangling her long leg. Then she started to be physical, getting up, rushing to me to slap my face so hard, my old glasses flew into the room. I went to take them back but her heel crush my hand over the glasses until they broke (they were old glasses, as in the scenario). She acted as she was disgusted by me (I guess she was indeed) as she started to spit on me and to describe my future in the office, that she would be the boss as from now, that if I disappoint her, everybody would receive pictures or videos of me, that I would be her slave. Then she ballkicked me softly, but enough to make me fall at our feet, she made me kissed her boots and promised that I would do whatever she wants. I was so subjugated by what I was living, what I was looking at, this amazon in front of me, taking control of me so easily, that I was not able to resist. Again, we were living the scenario, not only acting. I spent more than 1 hour accepting my faith and saying yes to everything she ordered, taking her slaps and kicks, making me do little humiliating tasks while I could tell she was enjoying and laughed at me, she was not acting, she really took her pleasure at it. For the entire session, I was excited as hell, her look, her beauty, her perfume, her attitude made me confused and I completely surrendered to her power over me.

Then, arrived the time, we had to stop the scenario, she was clever enough to finish the scenario in a smart way, giving us the excuse to meet again the day after. After “finishing” the scenario, she took some time to chitchat with me, she was happy to receive a perfume and the chocolates but said that she did not like the boots I bought her and proposed to meet the day after in the shop to choose another pair she would like. I was more than happy to invite her for lunch and to do a small shopping session with her the day after.

She then took back her role of the dominant secretary, slapped me very hard, made me kissed her hand and boots good bye, and said “so little boss, we will meet tomorrow for lunch and for shopping and then I will show you again who is the real boss, and you have no choice but to show up, otherwise, I may send some pictures to your wife” and she left. After she left the room, I felt the emptiness of the room and was almost unable to think straight and to sleep until the next morning when I had to prepare myself for the follow up of our session which I will describe soon.”