Enter the Tunnel – part one – January 2020

My name is Tunnel and I am not ashamed to admit that I am an anal slut for the sole use by Mistress Kiana and whoever else She deems fit – She has made me this way!

I crave for the moment when I am summoned – I will be required for 6 hours of use and abuse – I have no say in what happens during my time in the presence of Mistress Kiana. All I know is that I must submit to Her instructions and be prepared for my mind and body to be completely fucked!

This was certainly the case on the last occasion! As always, I was required to arrive on time – Mistress Kiana does not tolerate lateness as I once discovered, much to my discomfort. I was instructed to prepare the various toys and other instruments that Mistress Kiana has instructed me to obtain over the years that I have been under Her tuition – once this was done it was into the bathroom to prepare myself.

I returned to the main room to be greeted by the stunning Mistress Ika! I was ordered into the cage. Down on all fours – ass in the air – available for abuse. I remained in that position for what seemed an eternity, the only sounds were those the Mistresses boots made as they stepped across the room, and the slap as latex gloves!

I was ordered to take my “medicine” and just as it kicked in I felt fingers start to explore me – only two at this stage – teasing me. I begged for more but my pleas were ignored – then a third finger – still teasing but stretching me a little more. A fourth finger to be quickly followed by an entire fist – slowly inserted – deep and then deeper still. Gently to start with then the intensity increased until I could feel myself cumming! I explode, my seed spilling forth much to the delight and amusement of Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika.

However there is no respite – it is up onto the bench – on my back – my legs apart. Mistress Kiana begins – slowly but firmly entering me – then bunches Her fingers into a fist and starts to abuse my hole – pulling Her fist out to stretch me open and then back in over and over again – Mistress Ika in the meantime administers the clamps to my now erect nipples – the Japanese Cloverleaf – She pulls harder on the clamps so they grip me tighter. The pain of nipple torture and the pleasure of being fisted, mingling together, resulting in another orgasm! You would think that I would be allowed to recover – but no – it is Mistress Ika’s turn.

As She prepares herself Mistress Kiana takes Her pleasure in removing the clamps and tightly grips my nipples in Her fingers – pinching them hard and harder still, then releasing …

“Now Tunnel! Prepare to be fucked ….” Mistress Ika rubs the tip of my large red strap-on cock against my hole – then slowly and firmly slides it in – in and out. Mistress Kiana encouraging her to fuck me harder and deeper. Both Mistresses delight in the fact that I take the entire length of the cock until its balls reach my hole – as I am being fucked Mistress Kiana whispers in my ear “You are going to take a real cock today for me…” This was not a request but an order.

Mistress Ika continues to fuck my hole hard – I feel the balls of the strap-on against me – it is not too long before I cum again – my cum spilling everywhere.

I am ordered to my feet and into the bathroom with instructions to clean myself up – on my return I notice the bench has been positioned differently – the head rest removed. “Bend over the bench” – I oblige – a blind fold is applied. “Get in here!” orders Mistress Kiana and I hear the soft patter of feet. “Tunnel – take your medicine and open your mouth”!

I do as instructed – suddenly a warm object, a cock, a real cock is placed in my mouth “Suck it – make it hard” – I take the cock deep into my mouth using my tongue to excite it – I feel it grow – I am excited about what may be next. Clearly Mistress Ika was not impressed with my work – I am spanked and paddled until She is satisfied I am sucking cock correctly.

“You are going to be fucked now…”, again not a request but an instruction. I feel the owner of the cock step back and his now erect member slip out of my wet mouth. There is pause – I can sense movement – I feel hands clasp my asscheeks and pull me open. “Fuck my Tunnel” orders Mistress Kiana.

I take more medicine to ensure I am nice and relaxed, open and receptive. “Fuck me please” I beg… I feel a cock nudge up against my hole and then ecstasy as I feel it slide into me – deep into me. I am fucked slowly to start with – all the time the Mistresses urging the owner of the cock to fuck me- telling me to take deep. I feel warm balls bouncing against me. The fucking becomes more intense – Mistress Ika and Kiana take it in turns to punish my nipples.

My ass is slapped by the person fucking me – I can feel his hot breath on me – I feel is cock enlarge inside of me and the thrusts become harder and deeper – I feel an explosion inside my ass – something I have never felt before. I had a real cum in my ass – albeit in a condom. “Thank you Mistresses” I gasp.

“Take a shower…. You know we are not finished with you yet – We will call when you when we are ready”

I go into the bathroom – refresh myself with a quick shower – sit on the edge of the bath and await my next instruction with eagerness……


Enter the Tunnel – part two

I hear muffled laughter coming from the place space – I hear furniture being rearranged – I am nervous but excited by the thought of what awaits.

“Tunnel – we are ready for you, get in here now!” I open the bathroom door, turn the light off and make my way into the play space. The Fucking Bench had been moved aside – the sling had been attached to the winch, but what really caught my attention is the glorious sight of Mistress Kiana adjusting Her harness which is supporting a large red cock – it is massive in both length and girth!

Mistress Ika holds the sling as I lie back – my ankles are secured and my legs opened. The sling is lifted into position. I take more medicine just as I feel nails pinching my nipples hard, to be replaced with clover-leaf clamps expertly applied. I am instructed by Mistress Ika – “You are going to suffer- your hole is going to be used. Take more medicine – prepare yourself”.

I do as I am told – I feel relaxed and excited. I am expecting to feel the head of the big red cock nudge up against me, but no, instead I feel Mistress Kiana start to tease my hole with her fingers and then without warning She enters me – Her hand curling to make a fist – slowly at first Mistress Kiana stretches me open and then plunges deep into me – over and over again – all the time Mistress Kiana whispers “Deeper, Deeper” – I am on the edge. I feel Mistress Kiana’s fist uncurl inside me “Let’s see how deep you can really take it” – an indescribable feeling of pure pleasure as I feel Her fingers probe further into the tunnel – “Wow! You are taking it deep – take more medicine!” Once administered I relax some more allowing Mistress Kiana to go even deeper – as this is happening Mistress Ika places the Milking Machine over my cock and switches on – my cock is wanked hard – my hole expertly used. I erupt but this does not stop either Mistress. Mistress Kiana continues to push deeper into me – I cum again. I beg to stop but the exquisite pleasure continues unabated despite my cries of ecstasy.

After what seemed like an eternity Mistress Kiana carefully removes her fist from my now gaping hole. The Milking Machine is switched off and the gland lifted off – my cum spilling over my cock. I am so wrong if I thought I was getting rest.

The sling is spun round and I can see hooded figure in the stand-up cage – I was being used in front of another – his cock was erect!

“Now watch as I fuck Tunnel” says Mistress Kiana.

The electric winch grinds and the sling positioned correctly for Mistress Kiana – I feel the bugling head of the large red cock strap-on at my entrance and then slowly Mistress Kiana nudges the cock into me – but just a little – my hole widens to welcome the cock – it is held there – without warning Mistress Kiana thrusts the cock deep into my hole – I feel the fake balls against me – I want to come and try and push the cock out but Mistress Kiana holds it in. Mistress Kiana starts to thrust in and out – gently at first then the tempo picks up. I am in heaven – my hole is being used, my nipples are being tortured by Mistress Ika. I cum copiously, my seed spilling out everywhere much to the pleasure of Mistress Kiana & Mistress Ika.

It does not stop there – Mistress Kiana continues to fuck me hard – the full 16” of cock deep in me. In and out, in and out – thrusting deep into me. It is not long before I cum again. “One more” demands Mistress Kiana and the cycle of fucking continues until I cum. I believed the instruction to be the opportunity for a rest, but no – “I want to fuck Tunnel now!” demands Mistress Ika – in her hand is the biggest of the three red cocks – “Take your medicine – you slut. Prepare for your tunnel to be used by Me!”

The sling is repositioned again – I take my medicine and relax. Again, I feel the head of the cock nudge into me – this one is much bigger. My hole opens in readiness – I am being stretched wide and wider. I feel as though I am going to be split in half and then suddenly I welcome the cock into me and Mistress Ika starts to use my hole.

This cock is the same length as the one that Mistress Kiana used on me but it is much larger in girth “Take it!” orders Mistress Ika as the cock is pushed deeper into me – at the same time Mistress Kiana starts to torture my nipples – first with her teeth and then with her fingers and nails. It is pain and pleasure, yin and yang. The cock is deep and suddenly I can’t take it any longer and push it out – without a pause Mistress Ika inserts it again and continues to see how deep She can fuck me. I am taken to the edge time and time again until I am finally allowed to cum; as I cum Mistress Ika pulls out the cock, to be replaced by Mistress Kiana’s balled hand, and I am fisted until my cock runs dry. I lay back – sated. “Am I good enough for you Mistresses” – they both laugh at me – “We are enjoying ourselves slut – but you know We haven’t finished with you yet”

I am unshackled from the sling and allowed to get down – my cock dripping with cum, my tunnel relaxed and open.

“Get on your back – slut” – I do as ordered. Mistress Ika squats over me and her sweet nectar covers my face and body. As soon as She is finished Mistress Kiana does the same – I have been christened!

“Go clean yourself slut – you may rest for short while”. I shower and return to the play space – the cage is empty and the sling removed – there is a refreshing drink waiting for me. I sit and ponder what else I may be privileged to experience at the hands of Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika?


Enter the Tunnel – part three

I take my drink – I sit and relax – still eager to please and still eager for my tunnel to be opened and used – but only if Mistress Kiana wishes it so.

I hear Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika walk down the corridor – I stand with my head bowed. “Hold out your arms” and as I do leather cuffs are secured around my wrists.

The winch is lowered, and my wrists are attached to a bar – the winch is raised until my arms are outstretched.

“You are going to be punished for being a slut” – as I feel the first stroke of the whip across my back. Mistress Kiana and Mistress Ika take it turns to whip my back and buttocks – I am not a pain slut but my limits were tested – after what seem for ever I am offered medicine and as it takes effect I feel a gloved hand start to open my tunnel – at the same time my nipples are pinched hard – I almost cum. I contort myself – opening my legs and bending forward as much as I can to encourage Mistress Kiana to go deep – however Mistress Kiana chooses to ball her hand into a fist and hold my tunnel open – teasing me.

Mistress Ika looks into my eyes – “Let me open and stretch the tunnel!”.

“Not yet…” as Mistress Kiana starts to pump her fist deep into me “I want to the slut to cum!” Mistress Ika applies nipple clamps and tugs on them mercilessly – I cannot help myself and hot spunk erupts from my cock, much to the delight of both Mistresses.

“My turn!” giggles Mistress Ika – I prepare myself for her fist but She has other ideas – I feel the small tip of the XXL Seahorse tease my opening, my tunnel opening for Mistress Ika – then the Seahorse is guided into me – I feel its ribs as it goes deep into me. I position myself as best I can to allow Mistress to go deeper – my ambition to go right to the hilt – but not today. I am fucked until I provide another tribute for my Mistresses.

“We are not finished…….” Says Mistress Kiana as I am released from my shackles.


Slave’s report on Barcelona sessions – October 2017

For some unknown reason, i’ve always been attracted to Black Women, and Goddess Kiana is the most beautiful of them all. To submit to Her is for me a dream come true. We sessioned in Her dungeon a couple of times before, and each time it was a mind-blowing delight and an overwhelming experience. This time i invited Her for a couple of days in Barcelona, where i had some “business” to attend to.

On the first evening, we started late because Her Highness needed a rest after a nightmare of a journey, but, wow! it was worth waiting every single minute!
Again, i was blown away by Her Ebony Beauty as soon as she entered my hotel room and got a hard-on; She promptly proceeded to punish the unauthorised erection by slapping hard my pathetic dick.
i put on a pair a black stockings – to look more ridiculous – and a leather hood, and some foreplay followed: some teasing, some wrestling, some spitting in my mouth, some ball busting…
She then squeezed and tweaked my nipples hard between Her fingers while my face was buried in Her boobs, it was sooo sensual to feel Her soft skin and smell Her delicate perfume. She went on biting my nipples.
She tied me in the leather body bag i had brought with me, i lied completely helpless on the floor, and She could continue to inflict the pain i so desperately needed and to abuse me as She saw fit: CBT, with the riding crop and the spiked wheel or just with Her plain hands, and intense nipples play, with Her fingers, with the clamps and – my favourite – with the needles. Mistress Kiana is expert at piercing nipples.
She left me drained and shaken… but happy and grateful for the privilege of serving Her and suffering for Her. Mistress Kiana, You’re the One and Only!

For the second evening session, we had a chemical enema solution, but i fucked up the cleaning of my ass. When i messed up Her pants while She fucked me, She got infuriated – rightfully so – and frustrated that She couldn’t continue to strap-on my ass as She wanted. She made me pay dearly for my mistake: the rest of the session was a long, merciless punishment…
i knelt with the leather hood on, and She inflicted some intense breath control, pushing me on the edge.
Then, while i was flat on the floor with my hands tied above my head, She proceeded with some intense CBT: crushing them with Her feet, whipping them with the riding crop, rolling the spiked wheel on them…
She also applied some bastonado, wishing She had a cane and not just the crop…
And then came the treatment of the nipples – they were of course still very raw from the day before: first She pierced them, several times each, then She played with them while the needles were in: She added the clamps, and pulled them slowly, slowly out… put them in place again… pulled them ever so slowly out… That was the climax of the pain, and She asked me to shout: “i love Mistress Kiana”, which i happily did. She’s an awesome Lady, who wouldn’t love Her?
And She teased: “slave, do you think I will remove the needles gently or painfully?.”… adding with a sadistic laughter: “Yes! Of course!… I’ll make it very painful…” And She pulled them out all together at once…
When it was over, She allowed me some time-out in the leather body bag, leaving me alone in the hotel room for some time, before coming back and releasing me.
Of course, She couldn’t care less about my own pleasure; i masturbated to a pathetic orgasm after She had left me, all the time thinking of how fortunate a slave i was to surrender to such an amazing Goddess.
Lesson learned: don’t piss off Mistress Kiana, you’ll regret it!

Yours truly,
slave & slut



Review of my session with Mistress Kiana on Wednesday 19/10/16 and Thursday 20/10/16 :

“Being in London last week for few days, I had the huge privilege of meeting Mistress Kiana twice and the memories of our meeting are so exciting that I feel important to share the amazing experience I lived during few hours with her.

First of all, let me introduce myself, even if I am not the hero of this story. I am a French man, I use to describe myself as easy to live with, but naturally and extremely submissive to women, especially to beautiful black women. I am kind of a geek too, despite my age at almost 40, which, I must say, made Mistress Kiana laughed a lot. I am the cerebral type which means that I use to dream a lot about BDSM and fetishism, I watch a lot of movies and pictures on the internet BUT fail to live my dreams in real time. In few words, I have a lot of fetishisms and fantasies but almost never lived any of them. While anticipating my leisure trip to London, I decided that I should experience some of my dreams and decided to contact one the most beautiful ebony Mistresses I know from the internet to see if we could organize a meeting. Her name is Mistress Kiana. I was shaking when I received her first reply as I was afraid to receive a NO for reply but was so surprised to receive a gentle reply, opened to discussion. After some nice exchange of emails where I was describing my dreams and my fantasies and she told me about what she likes to do, I already felt the mental power that she took over me and I started to be addicted to receiving her emails. Long story short, we decided we would meet and we discussed about the arrangement and the organization and booked the sessions.

After arriving in London, I was so excited about meeting her and wanted her to enjoy our meeting, I was acting as if it was a date. I went to a shopping place in London and bought her a box of chocolates, a pair of boots and a perfume, although she never asked for all these gifts. I then took a cab and checked in in my hotel room, where I had a small nap (difficult to sleep when you are excited as I was), then started to prepare myself for the date, sorry, I mean for the meeting.

Please allow me to describe how the first session occurred. Please note that everything which happened after was the perfect transcription of my fantasy, painted by Mistress Kiana. She arrived right on time and knocked at the door, I was shaking as thousands of ideas crossed my little brain at that moment. What the hell am I doing here ? What if she is not the real Mistress Kiana from the internet ? What if she is ugly (I am so sorry I could even have this thought now that I know her) ? Anyway, I had to open the door as she was already there, outside my room so I did. Now, a vision of pure heaven appeared in front of me. She was the one, almost as tall as me in her high heeled boots, looking straight in my eyes, self-confident, knowing that she may be one of the most beautiful woman on Earth, she wore the exact clothes and accessories I was dreaming about in my fantasies.

She crosspassed me to enter the room and started immediately the scenario while we never met before.

“Well well well, as if I could even imagine that while visiting a pathetic slave for the first time, I would find out that my boss would be my client ! That is so funny and I will have a lot of fun with you, white trash, I never liked you in the office but as from today I will like having you at my beck and call, especially as I am sure you do not want anybody in the office to know who you really are behind closed doors, right ?”

My brain needed few seconds to understand that the scenario already started and I forgot during the first minutes that I actually asked her to act as if she was my secretary at the office but being a  professionnal dominatrix after office hours, that I would be her boss calling for a session but not knowing that my secretary would show up. After I remembered about all the arrangement and that I understood she already started, I played my role, trying to be the hypocrite man saying “I am sorry, there must be an error, I never called for your services, you should leave now.” Thereafter, Mistress Kiana took the lead for the next hours using her amazing acting skills with her professionalism and she really became the dominant secretary knowing that she had now an advantage on her boss to reduce him to whatever she wanted and able to relieve all her frustration on him. She owned the room and whatever was inside, playing with me, with my feelings, she was a Queen, there is no better word to describe what I was thinking of her at this exact moment. I was fascinated by the way she moved, she walked moving her hips, walking in her heels, sitting royally on the armchair, looking into my wallet and taking her cash then throwing my wallet to my face (all was agreed before) while dangling her long leg. Then she started to be physical, getting up, rushing to me to slap my face so hard, my old glasses flew into the room. I went to take them back but her heel crush my hand over the glasses until they broke (they were old glasses, as in the scenario). She acted as she was disgusted by me (I guess she was indeed) as she started to spit on me and to describe my future in the office, that she would be the boss as from now, that if I disappoint her, everybody would receive pictures or videos of me, that I would be her slave. Then she ballkicked me softly, but enough to make me fall at our feet, she made me kissed her boots and promised that I would do whatever she wants. I was so subjugated by what I was living, what I was looking at, this amazon in front of me, taking control of me so easily, that I was not able to resist. Again, we were living the scenario, not only acting. I spent more than 1 hour accepting my faith and saying yes to everything she ordered, taking her slaps and kicks, making me do little humiliating tasks while I could tell she was enjoying and laughed at me, she was not acting, she really took her pleasure at it. For the entire session, I was excited as hell, her look, her beauty, her perfume, her attitude made me confused and I completely surrendered to her power over me.

Then, arrived the time, we had to stop the scenario, she was clever enough to finish the scenario in a smart way, giving us the excuse to meet again the day after. After “finishing” the scenario, she took some time to chitchat with me, she was happy to receive a perfume and the chocolates but said that she did not like the boots I bought her and proposed to meet the day after in the shop to choose another pair she would like. I was more than happy to invite her for lunch and to do a small shopping session with her the day after.

She then took back her role of the dominant secretary, slapped me very hard, made me kissed her hand and boots good bye, and said “so little boss, we will meet tomorrow for lunch and for shopping and then I will show you again who is the real boss, and you have no choice but to show up, otherwise, I may send some pictures to your wife” and she left. After she left the room, I felt the emptiness of the room and was almost unable to think straight and to sleep until the next morning when I had to prepare myself for the follow up of our session which I will describe soon.”




Review of my session with Mistress Kiana on Thursday 20/10/16 :

“I woke up at 4 am on Thursday 20/10/16, unable to sleep due to the excitement caused by the ideas of meeting Mistress Kiana for the second time in 2 days. We had a very nice session in my hotel room the day before which left me overexcited and we planned to meet again on that shinny Thursday at noon. Unable to sleep, I went to the restaurant room of the hotel at 5 am and was the only guest having a breakfast so early. Then I went back to my hotel room to watch some TV shows and to follow up my professional emails. After 9 am, I received few text messages from Mistress Kiana confirming that we shall meet at noon at Camden Town Station. I started to prepare myself to be at my best game, shaved, showered, perfumed, nice business suit, I am kind of a classic office worker look. At 10.30 am, I took a cab to go to Camden Town Station but arrived very early as the hotel was very close. I then decided to have a walk in Camden Market and in Camden Street which I found very funny as this area is famous in London for all the underground industry and arts shopping. You can find there several shops to buy underground music bootlegs as well as clothes, accessories and shoes for the underground communities such as goths, punk rock, techno music. Walking in this area wearing my grey suit was quite an experience and I felt like an elephant in a fridge but, at the end, that was just my personal feeling as, this is one good thing about London, people can mix them up without judgement and nobody paid attention to me. I bought some Comics autographed artworks and 2 video games, as I said, I really am a geek despite my age.

Time ran up and I just arrived on time at Camden Town Station. Excitement was at its top while waiting for Mistress Kiana to arrive. I was a bit distracted by a crowd of loud students going out of the subway station when I received a hard slap on the top of my head. More surprised than hurt, I turned my head and faced my Mistress, even more beautiful than the day before, as if it was possible, smirking at me. I was confused and apologizing about not seeing her before, but she just showed me her right hand so that I kissed it to say hello and she welcomed me with a loud “you, geeky twat, I am ready for shopping”. Blushing and uncomfortable, not knowing if people heard her words, I followed my Mistress who already was on her way down the Camden Street. She made clear that I had to take her small luggage, certainly containing her equipment and toys for our future session later on. While following her, I was staring at her perfect body walking, scrutinizing her clothes. I did not know if she did it on purpose but she was wearing some streetwear clothes, casual but looking very sexy on her at the same time, like I explained to her in 1 email that I like the look of the Afro-American girls in the R’n’B and rap video clips. It was a very tight denim outfit from top to bottom, very opened on her breast, a very trendy short brown leather jacket, with its matching brown handbag, also matching brown Nike wedged sneakers. In addition, she was wearing several silver bracelets, large hoop earrings and to complete the look, a black baseball NY cap, which gave her a nice final touch. God, I fell in love with this Creature.

The purpose of this encounter in Camden Street was to exchange or to get refund of the boots I bought her the day before but that she did not like so I had to walk in front of her to show her the way to the shop. It was very close. As soon as we arrived, she ordered me to sit and shut up. I was so passive, I did not know what to do, what to say, I just had to obey her words. My brain was literally in switch-off position and I just watched what happened after. She explained to the seller that I was her boyfriend, that I bought her this pair of boots the day before but that she totally disliked them, that I was an idiot not asking her what she wanted. The seller was very kind to her and was smiling, he said that she could choose any other pair she wanted. She took few minutes to check in the shop but unfortunately did not like any of them so asked for a refund. The seller called for his boss to see if it was possible, which he accepted. I got up to the cashier desk to apologize for the trouble and to take the cash but Mistress Kiana said loudly that if I were not so stupid, I would not need to apologize, that apologies are signs of weakness. I felt so humiliated, I just wanted to take the refund and leave. It was obvious that the shop manager was thinking if he really should give me the cash or if he should give it to her as she clearly stated by her attitude and her words that she was in charge.

We left the shop. She was natural, as if nothing happened, she did not seem to overreact or to over-behave, while, me, I was a complete wreck. My heart was beating fast due to the adrenalin of the humiliating situation. After few steps, she slapped me again behind my head and called me silly, that I was such an idiot buying things in this shop as it was all fake merchandise, very expensive, but in bad condition, she told me that she knew the brand the shop represents and that they are normally good quality shoes and boots but all the models in the shop were fake and in bad condition, that it was so obvious. She then said that yesterday the seller was so happy to see a loser like me getting robbed with a smile. I felt humiliated but I knew she was right, truth is hard to accept. Also, it is hard to describe the different feelings I had during these few minutes, being called an idiot boyfriend, being ordered to sit down and remain silent. The total picture must be difficult to chew, a tall grown man, looking like a business man in a grey suit with glasses being bossed around by this oh-so magnificent black woman, dressed in sexy streetwear. I was the actor of this scene, I would have paid just to watch it again.

Mistress Kiana, true to her words, asked now to go for lunch in a restaurant she likes. Not a 4 star restaurant but she likes it as it is quick for serving and likes the food there. I do not remember the name but looks like a Japanese or Hybrid vegan restaurant. While entering the restaurant, I may have said an indelicate joke as I received a severe punch in my groin, I almost fell on my knees, fortunately, nobody saw us. She told me that I should not be too confident and overpass some limits. I immediately apologized and immediately behaved as a well-trained puppy. I really felt terrible at that time, I do not like to be seen as disobedient, but Mistress Kiana excels in the art of manipulating submissive men and, in few seconds, cheered me up with chitchatting with me. Spending genuine time with Mistress Kiana is like being on a rollercoaster, your feelings are tested to their limits, happiness, humiliation, smile, self confidence destroyed, ….. But, it is an amazing experience. The lunch was very enjoyable, we discussed a little bit about the true persons we really are. I learned more about who is Mistress Kiana in real life and she was interested in learning more about me. She opened the small plastic bag of my earlier shopping and found out the Comics artworks and the video games I bought, asking if it was for my kids and when I said it was for me, she asked my age again and could not stop laughing her ass off. She said that she really was not far from the truth when she called me geeky twat earlier. She was anyway playful and bossed me around a little bit in front of the waiter, she ordered my plate, saying that I should not eat fat and I should change my food habits trying new things, so she ordered an extra spicy plate, highlighting that I did not like that, I could see the smile on the waiter’s face. She ordered also a green cocktail with spinach and other disgusting green veggies. She took pleasure in testing my limits, seeing if II would dare say no to her. Honestly, I was unable, how can you refuse anything to such an amazing lady. Her smile hypnotized me and I was a puppet in her hands. She laughed at me loudly while I was coughing after being forced to eat a complete spice. Her mockery escalated when I was coughing even more trying to extinguish the fire in my mouth while drinking the green veggies juice. She then lectured me again about how stupid I was when I bought her the boots without her agreement and said that she was giving me a lesson by taking the cash she managed to get refund. I could see in her eyes again, she was testing me and staring at me to see how I would react. She knew perfectly that I had some tendencies to be a moneyslave and she enjoyed as I did not fight and just opened my wallet and gave her the money she just won out of me. What an excitement to be played by this amazing amazon. After the lunch, she ordered me to give a good tip to the waiter in front of him. He was surprised as well and he finally gave the change to her. Again, no doubt he understood our little game and that she was the boss.

We left the restaurant and walked up Camden Street to go back to Camden Town station, Mistress Kiana stopped in few shops to comment how good some shoes or boots would look like at her feet or to criticize some ugly clothes. As we were 2 weeks before the Halloween weekend, she made some jokes about how pathetic I would be wearing an ugly orange pumpkin outfit, that she would definitely see me wearing a French maid outfit at the Club Black Whip (it is a private BDSM club in London ran by only black women who have many white servants and slaves). We entered a small shop where she chose for me a cheap woman lingerie and a red lipstick, saying without any shame that we would have some fun. She even kicked my butt so that I went to the cashier desk to pay for the cheap items.

It was almost 2 pm and we had now to go the hotel, Mistress Kiana humiliated me in the cab saying out loud that she was not surprised now of my overweight as I was too lazy to walk or to use the subway, I felt once again humiliated in front of a perfect stranger.

We finally arrived at the hotel and we were up for our second session which was ruled by Mistress Kiana as my blackmailing secretary. Some details of this last session will be shared asap.”