First time experience by Slave Chatter

I met Goddess Kiana at the entrance to her premises. The door slides inward about 3/4 and I hear a stern voice beckon me inside with the words “IN”

Upon entering I was asked about my limits and experience and asked if I had taken a shower. To which I replied, of course, I wouldn’t dare come before you and not be clean.​

Regardless I was asked to take another shower in which I took no hesitation doing so.​

After finishing the shower I presented myself fully naked. And was briefly asked about my experience and limits.​

I was then asked to step up onto a St. Andrew’s Cross. And then I was blindfolded.​

Fingernails stroked my legs and chest and balls enough to promote a pain response but not enough to be an agony.​

Next came a whisper in my ear so you like cbt huh.​

I then felt her hands and a cool gel-like sensation that felt nice at first. But quickly led to a painful and fiery sensation that honestly hurt a great deal but was still somehow tolerable.​

I. Said ow ow it hurts. Mistress Kiana let out a small laugh and said do I care.​

After I was taken down from the cross and asked to mount a Sex sling. I did as instructed but rather clumsily much to the annoyance of Mistress Kiana, she reprimanded me a little for my clumsiness. But it was well deserved.​

Once I was in place I was pegged in a pleasant fashion. But it was quickly determined that I was too lose so I went up I believe 3 sizes till Mistress Kiana was satisfied with the fit. I was pegged for a while which honestly felt rather good.​

I was then blindfolded and tormented with Electrics. One probe was inserted into my ass and was activated at intervals and also attached to my penis and activated at intervals. The divide between pleasure and pain was paper-thin. It was an experience of pure Hell and Ecstacy all at the same time.​

I was then unblindfolded and once again pegged only this time to completion. When I was getting closer I was ordered to play with myself. This resulted in me wanting to cum quick.​

As I was approaching climax I said faster faster and this request was kindly accepted. I quickly came out much to the annoyance of Mistress Kiana. I was ordered to eat my own mess.​

I was taken down from the harness after cleaning myself with some wet wipes and asked to take another shower.​

During the whole session, I was regularly asked if I was doing ok. Mistress Kiana is very strict and gets into her character but is also caring and doesn’t forget that you are still a person with feelings.​

Overall I had a good experience and will certainly be back again in the future.​

Thank you.​ ​

Slave Chatter!