Slave’s report on Barcelona sessions – October 2017

For some unknown reason, i’ve always been attracted to Black Women, and Goddess Kiana is the most beautiful of them all. To submit to Her is for me a dream come true. We sessioned in Her dungeon a couple of times before, and each time it was a mind-blowing delight and an overwhelming experience. This time i invited Her for a couple of days in Barcelona, where i had some “business” to attend to.

On the first evening, we started late because Her Highness needed a rest after a nightmare of a journey, but, wow! it was worth waiting every single minute!
Again, i was blown away by Her Ebony Beauty as soon as she entered my hotel room and got a hard-on; She promptly proceeded to punish the unauthorised erection by slapping hard my pathetic dick.
i put on a pair a black stockings – to look more ridiculous – and a leather hood, and some foreplay followed: some teasing, some wrestling, some spitting in my mouth, some ball busting…
She then squeezed and tweaked my nipples hard between Her fingers while my face was buried in Her boobs, it was sooo sensual to feel Her soft skin and smell Her delicate perfume. She went on biting my nipples.
She tied me in the leather body bag i had brought with me, i lied completely helpless on the floor, and She could continue to inflict the pain i so desperately needed and to abuse me as She saw fit: CBT, with the riding crop and the spiked wheel or just with Her plain hands, and intense nipples play, with Her fingers, with the clamps and – my favourite – with the needles. Mistress Kiana is expert at piercing nipples.
She left me drained and shaken… but happy and grateful for the privilege of serving Her and suffering for Her. Mistress Kiana, You’re the One and Only!

For the second evening session, we had a chemical enema solution, but i fucked up the cleaning of my ass. When i messed up Her pants while She fucked me, She got infuriated – rightfully so – and frustrated that She couldn’t continue to strap-on my ass as She wanted. She made me pay dearly for my mistake: the rest of the session was a long, merciless punishment…
i knelt with the leather hood on, and She inflicted some intense breath control, pushing me on the edge.
Then, while i was flat on the floor with my hands tied above my head, She proceeded with some intense CBT: crushing them with Her feet, whipping them with the riding crop, rolling the spiked wheel on them…
She also applied some bastonado, wishing She had a cane and not just the crop…
And then came the treatment of the nipples – they were of course still very raw from the day before: first She pierced them, several times each, then She played with them while the needles were in: She added the clamps, and pulled them slowly, slowly out… put them in place again… pulled them ever so slowly out… That was the climax of the pain, and She asked me to shout: “i love Mistress Kiana”, which i happily did. She’s an awesome Lady, who wouldn’t love Her?
And She teased: “slave, do you think I will remove the needles gently or painfully?.”… adding with a sadistic laughter: “Yes! Of course!… I’ll make it very painful…” And She pulled them out all together at once…
When it was over, She allowed me some time-out in the leather body bag, leaving me alone in the hotel room for some time, before coming back and releasing me.
Of course, She couldn’t care less about my own pleasure; i masturbated to a pathetic orgasm after She had left me, all the time thinking of how fortunate a slave i was to surrender to such an amazing Goddess.
Lesson learned: don’t piss off Mistress Kiana, you’ll regret it!

Yours truly,
slave & slut